Learning Services

Capital Management Consultancy is a Sage Authorised Learning Services Partner Supplier / Training Centre for Sage Software Products.

Do you and your staff have the financial, accounting and business skills necessary to run a successful business that operates as efficiently as possible? If not, then we can highly recommend you invest in your staff and get them on board one of our specialised training courses.

As a Sage Learn­ing Ser­vices Partner we will as­sist you in gain­ing ex­pert­ise, using a vari­ety of solu­tions that auto­mate manual and time con­sum­ing busi­ness pro­cesses. Our ex­pert train­ers deep dive into our soft­ware, provid­ing you with the know how to use the products to their full po­ten­tial. From Ac­count­ing, to Payroll HR, to In­tel­li­gence Re­port­ing, and more, we offer all you need.

Functionality And Benefits For Effective Financial Management

We offer the following course from basic to advanced

We do on-site training for the above course packages, ensuring minimal disruption to your staff’s normal working day routines.

All other Sage Courses not listed including Microsoft Excel are availed on request.